About RBA

At RBA Insurance Strategies we believe that long term financial well being starts with a strong foundation and we are here to help you build a strong foundation for your future.

RBA Insurance Strategies is an insurance firm with offices in West Palm Beach, FL. Since 1985, we have built a reputation for excellence by helping individuals, families and business owners protect what they value and make the most of their unique possibilities in a changing world.

The thoughtful, comprehensive approach we bring to all of our planning services – from business planning to insurance, retirement and estate planning – is complemented and supported by the specialized resources and products we provide. We draw together the professional team and capabilities that make sense for each client. We empower our clients by guiding them in making informed financial decisions consistent with their values and goals.

RBA Insurance Stratigies

With our well-established foundation, no one better understands the importance of building soundly for the long-term, be it reputation, relationships, family legacy or a financial plan that will endure for tomorrow and many tomorrows to come.

We know that we need to earn your confidence and trust each and every day. We continue to do that through integrity, hard work and dedication to our clients and quality of the decisions we make.

Our Philosophy

It starts here: protection first. We believe that before you focus on building your assets, you have to start by protecting the assets you already have. This approach is fundamental to our business.

Protection is the strong foundation that must be in place before all else. Putting accumulation before protection would be like starting construction on the second floor instead of the ground floor.

At RBA Insurance Strategies we use sophisticated risk analysis with a clear goal: to expose potential risks that could have serious consequences and to make you aware of them. Injury and illness, premature death, liability and lawsuit, a changing regulatory environment – any of these can have an impact on attaining the financial goals you have set to provide for yourself and your loved ones.

Our clients include business owners and entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, doctors, dentists, attorneys, accountants and other professionals. We believe that as a principal in your business, you are your single biggest asset.

The right plan should be successful no matter what adversity may come your way, and should give you the assurance of knowing that you will still meet not only you financial obligations, but also the financial objectives you have worked so hard to achieve. We are passionately committed to making the right plan a reality.


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    "I have worked with Roy in many capacities; on marketing team of his (restaurant) Leila, as the event planner for the grand opening of L'Opera Brasserie, and as a student. Roy is extremely professional and his ability to truly listen and pay attention to those he meets has granted him and continues to grant him rare insight into a situation and/or a person. Fuse that insight with his expertise and experience and the result is a man who can deliver/generate results / negotiate, and / or fulfill a project with the upmost integrity, empathy, and success."

    January 11, 2010
    Alexis Posada